More AK goodies from Magpul, some AR parts on the way out

magpul zhukov-s stock

Magpul has been very busy in the past few weeks with new product announcements dropping weekly. At the same time the company is clearing out old stock to make room for new models including the improved Sand accessories.

Magpul is expanding its AK offerings with a tweaked Zhukov stock designed specifically for Yugoslavian M70-pattern AKs, the Zhukov-S. Other new AK products include a MagLink magazine coupler and Ranger Plates for their AK PMags. These AK parts are direct counterparts to existing AR mag couplers and Ranger Plates.

ak maglink ranger plate

The AK Ranger Plate and MagLink. (Photo: Magpul)

The Zhukov-S is an adjustable folding stock with five positions and an adjustable length of pull between 12.2 and 14.8 inches. The comb height can be adjusted with optional cheek risers for use with raised optics. The stock weighs just under a pound and like all AK parts, may need some minor fitting to install.

The mag couplers join two AK PMags side-by-side for fast reloads and use a simple two-piece bolt-on clamping system. The Ranger Plates replace the standard magazine floorplate and add a loop that’s easy to grab that helps when drawing magazines from pouches and with loading and unloading. It’s over-molded with rubber to protect the magazine from damage when performing fast reloads.

The Zhukov-S for Yugo rifles has a $99 MSRP, the same as the first model. Ranger plates are one for $14 or three for $19 and the mag couplers are $17 each. Expect to see lower prices online and in stores.

On The Way Out…

Magpul is putting their old AR MOE forends on the chopping block. These handguards were made obsolete with the introduction of MOE M-Lok handguards, which have the same overall profile and construction but use M-Lok slots instead of Magpul’s older MOE mounting system. These are not the same as the recently-introduced MOE-SL accessories; they are original-style MOE handgaurds with the exception of the new slot pattern.

Additionally Magpul is phasing out their foliage green accessories completely now that the company has a full spread of Sand polymer accessories. Sand parts can be dyed to just about any color darker than their natural light hue at home with common craft supplies, and it’s a tougher material than the green polymer used to make the foliage accessories.

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