Confederate flags spurs altercation, lockdown, suspensions at GA high school (VIDEO)

Three students were suspended from a Polk County, Georgia, high school after an altercation Wednesday morning about a Confederate flag that was brought on campus.

The 10th grade student, who is white, walked into the school’s cafeteria after being dropped off that morning before school, and was confronted by two black students about the Confederate flag displayed on his backpack. What started as a verbal exchange soon turned to pushing and shoving before school staff intervened and broke up the altercation.

Wesley Cupp, the Rockmart High School principal, said no weapons were found on any of the students, but the school was nonetheless put on lockdown after the altercation.

“We just did that as a precautionary situation to help maintain and control what could have been a bad situation,” Cupp explained.

Cupp said all three students were suspended.

“When you become a distraction where students can’t learn because of a distraction then that needs to be removed,” Cupp concluded.

[ Fox 5 ]

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