A 3,800 yard rifle shot? Just watch and find out (VIDEO)

The Hill Country Rifle Team took one of their Extreme Long Range Carry Weight .375 Cheytac series bolt guns and went after a gong at 3,800 yards. That’s a bit over two miles.

Hitting steel at 400 yards and under is a relative piece of cake. However when you start pushing out to a 1,000 or more you have to get in touch with your ballistics, come ups, met data and above all have enough gun and glass to go the distance.

When trying to go even further you have to take such obscure and labyrinthine concepts as the Coriolis Effect (the rotational drift of the Earth) and spin drift caused by the rifling into account.

And from the above video, it looks like the HCR gang was able to do the math.

Oh and a bit of trivia here: that HCR rifle shoots 13 feet high at 100-yards.

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