Construction workers honored for helping Boston PD nab suspect (VIDEO)

Ned Flood and Robert Doyle

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans honored two construction workers during a ceremony earlier this month for the part they played in helping authorities to catch a larceny suspect.

The incident occurred on August 31 when Officer Edward Fleming noticed a larceny suspect from a previous incident while working security for Turner Construction. Fleming pursued the suspect, but when the officer attempted to subdue the suspect, he pushed Fleming and tried to flee. It was at that point Ned Flood and Robert Doyle stepped in and tackled the suspect.

“These construction workers do a lot for this city and have always had a great relationship with our officers,” said Commissioner Evans. “We appreciate their support and the support of those from Boston Properties for their role in following up on this incident.”

Ned Flood and Robert DoyleNed Flood and Robert Doyle

[ Boston Police Department ]

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