Man who shot wife fatally shot by neighbor

A domestic dispute that played out in the middle of the street in Moore, Oklahoma, Sunday night ended when a man – who had just shot his wife – was fatally shot by his neighbor.

Authorities received a 911 call about the violent incident around 7:30 p.m., Sgt. Jeremy Lewis with the Moore Police Department told reporters.

According to one witness, the couple was engaged in a verbal altercation outside before Jason Morgan, 36, walked inside and then emerged with a gun. The witness, who was identified only as “Daniel,” said numerous people were trying to talk Morgan down, but he was “zoned out” and unresponsive to everyone, a local Fox affiliate reported.

As the altercation continued, Morgan allegedly shot his wife, Tiffany, point blank in the head before making his way to a neighbor’s home. Morgan was attempting to get into the man’s home while another witness was still on the phone with 911, and eventually was successful in kicking down the door of 28-year-old Justin Bozeman’s home. At that point, Bozeman opened fire on Morgan. Lewis confirmed the 911 dispatcher could hear gunshots while still on the phone with the witness. Lewis also said Bozeman heard the initial gunshots when Morgan shot his wife and had already retrieved his own weapon before Morgan tried to break into his house.

“He’s never shot anybody or anything,” said Virginia Bozeman, who came to check on her grandson after hearing he was involved in an incident. “I can’t imagine how he’s feeling right now.”

Morgan died as a result of the gunshot wounds he sustained during the altercation, and Tiffany, 34, was transported to the hospital where her condition is not known, but family members told reporters she was conscious and talking while in the back of the ambulance. However, authorities said her injuries are still considered very serious, as she was shot point blank in the head.

It is unknown what caused the altercation between the couple or why Jason forced his way into Bozeman’s home.

No charges have been filed against Bozeman at this time.

“He definitely had every right to protect himself,” Lewis said.

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