Proud lesbian gun owner from LA (VIDEO)

Earlier this year, I was invited to an event organized to encourage gun rights in the gay and lesbian community in Los Angeles. It was held at the LAX Gun Range and there I met Angela Batiste. Orginally from Compton, she is a proud gun owner and a lesbian.

In an interciew, she told me why it is so important for her, as single woman living alone in a big city, to know how to responsibly and effectively use a gun for self-defense. “Some people are saying no, I don’t want to own a gun. But if you know how to handle a gun and you know how to use it only for protection, it shouldn’t be an issue.”

She recounts a story of how she used her firearm in self-defense late one night against two rowdy men who were trying to break into her house. She was surprised at the response of the police when they arrived.

Angela would love to find a group of like-minded women in the LA area, preferably lesbians, with whom she could go shooting.

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