Christie grants pardons to 3 caught up by NJ gun laws

Christie grants pardons to 3 caught up by NJ gun laws

Would-be White House resident Chris Christie dropped three pardons on gun owners this week. (Photo: Josh Reynolds/AP)

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) on Wednesday pardoned three individuals from out of state that have run afoul of the Garden State’s draconian gun laws in recent years.

Granted executive clemency were Todd Doering of Lansdale, Pa.; Brian Lee Fletcher of Buntner, N.C.; and Elizabeth Jane Griffith of Daytona Beach, Fla.; all of whom picked up gun charges while either passing through or visiting New Jersey, as reported by

Doering was arrested in 2010 for carrying his otherwise legal Glock handgun loaded with hollow-points, which are illegal under New Jersey law.

Fletcher, in the state working as part of a disaster relief effort in 2014, was arrested when he volunteered to a New Jersey police officer that he had a firearm in his vehicle.

U.S. Park Police arrested Griffith this summer after she was found to be carrying a gun while waiting for a ferry from New Jersey to Ellis Island.

Earlier this year Christie, a 2016 candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination, granted pardons to Pennsylvania mother Shaneen Allen, arrested in October 2013 after being pulled over by a state trooper with a gun in her car and Steffon Josey-Davis, an armored car driver who received a second-degree felony for carrying his legally-purchased, but loaded handgun in his glovebox.

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