Robber changes his mind after store clerk pulls gun (VIDEO)

A 43-year-old man planning to rob a market in Louisville Sunday quickly changed his mind when the clerk pulled a gun on him.

When the clerk saw Kenneth Graves walk through the door wearing sunglasses and a bandana down to his ears, he knew something was awry. Still, the clerk handed over the pack of cigarettes Graves asked for.

“All the sudden, I put the pack of cigarettes on the counter and he grabbed my arm and he pulls me toward him and he puts a gun under my neck and he goes, ‘Give me all your money, give me all your money,’” recalled the clerk.

Unbeknown to Graves, the clerk also had a gun and when he pulled it from behind the counter, the would-be robber quickly changed his tone.

“He drops his gun and goes like this, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It’s a fake gun. I don’t want nothing,’ and he runs away from the store,” the clerk said.

Graves was picked up by authorities later that day, still wearing the same clothes he wore during the attempted robbery. He was charges with first-degree robbery.

[ WHAS 11 ]

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