Second person sentenced in Glock bribery case


Glock pistols on display inside a store.

A second person has been sentenced for their involvement in a bribery case involving Glock representatives and a gun store.

John Sullivan Ralph, III, 42, has been sentenced to 18 months in federal prison for paying bribes for special treatment for his store Global guns & Hunting, Inc.

Ralph pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to defraud Glock. Between 2003 to 2009 he paid 140 bribes and kickbacks that total $900,000.

Four others have been convicted of related charges. Lisa Delaine Dutton was sentenced to 12 months and a day on Sept. 1; Welcome D. Wood, Jr. is set for sentencing Nov. 16; James Craig Dutton is set for sentencing Nov. 9; and Paula Ann Wood is set for sentencing Nov. 16.

According to the indictment dated July 2014, most of Glock’s pistols are sold to independent firearm distributors who have contracts with Glock to resell its pistols. The allocation of Glock pistols was important because the demand frequently exceeded the supply.

Glock created two different sales channels for purposes of licensing its distributors. One channel was for sales to law enforcement agencies. Independent distributors were authorized to resell Glock pistols to law enforcement agencies within a specific geographic territory. The other channel was for the commercial market. Distributors of commercial market products were not restricted to a particular geographic area.

Glock used a Universal Product Code to differentiate pistols that were sold for resale to law enforcement agencies (blue label products) from pistols sold for resale to the commercial market (red label products). The price list for pistols intended for resale to law enforcement agencies is lower due to the fact law enforcement agencies routinely buy in bulk and are often subject to bidding processes.

The indictment said Wood and Dutton provided Ralph with equipment and software to allow him to convert firearms sold with the law enforcement discount (blue label) to firearms sold at the premium price to the commercial market (red label). Ralph is alleged to have sold at least 14,000 pistols to commercial buyers — including Cabela’s — which Glock sold to Ralph for resale to law enforcement agencies.

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