Journalist keeps working after getting hit in the face with grenade (VIDEO)

Hana Mahameed was reporting on the civil unrest in East Jerusalem when she was struck in the face by a sound grenade. But despite her injuries, and doctors’ recommendations for her to take time off to recover, she continued to report the news. However, one colleague said it wasn’t so much her choice to keep reporting.

According to Raed Sobies, although her injuries were not considered serious at the time, Mahameed was left with “holes in her face and neck,” but just hours after she was injured, the Lebanon-based television station for which she worked forced her to go back to work while they searched for someone else who could gain access to the area where she had been reporting.

Sobies added that they aren’t even entirely sure of the extent of Mahameed’s injuries or whether there will be scarring.

[ Independent ]

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