The Young Turks: Hillary Clinton pursues aggressive gun control (VIDEO)

Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss Hillary Clinton’s plan for aggressive gun control. One part of the plan they focus on is the stripping away of immunity for gun manufacturers and sellers.

Uygur brings up the example of what happened to the parents of an Aurora shooting victim. The parents sued the people who sold the weapons on the basis of a poor background check. Uygur explains, “They sued. They lost…now they owe $200,000 to people who sold the guns [that] killed their daughter.” Clinton’s plan would allow these cases to go to court and be contested since right now gun manufacturers are protected by immunity.

Kasparian adds that Clinton’s proposal creates a distinction from Bernie Sanders, who voted against a bill that would have rolled back legal immunity for gun manufacturers. “In this case, Hillary Clinton has been fighting for gun control for a long time. It’s not just for political gain that she’s doing this,” Uygur points out.

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