Kansas City robbers pretending to be cops (VIDEO)

A group of robbers are targeting Kansas City homeowners and attempting to gain access inside the homes by pretending to be police officers. Authorities know of at least four instances, the last three occurring in the past week and a half alone.

Witnesses describe the suspects as three white males, with brown hair, who appear to be in their 20s. Their attire has varied, but included shirts embroidered with “Sheriff,” body armor, even badges which are presumably fake. One witness said they were driving a vehicle affixed with a red flashing light.

Firas Haha was one of the last intended victims. Haha said he went to the door where a man was knocking, claiming to be a Kansas City Police Officer, but when he cracked the door slightly, Haha could see a gun pointed at him. The homeowner subsequently retrieved his own gun, and moments later, the so-called “officers” were breaking a window to gain entry into the home. At that point, Haha opened fire on them, causing them to immediately flee.

“I just want to protect my family,” Haha said. “They want to get you with, ‘I’m a police officer.’ They want to get inside the house and from there, they want to start to threaten you with a gun and put you on the floor – that’s how you’re kind of thinking about it.”

Haha, who owns a local bar and thinks they may have followed him after he closed that night, called having to fear someone who claims to be an officer of the law “crazy.”

[ Fox 4 ]

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