Beating through ESAPI plate with a box of 22s (VIDEO)

While an ESAPI plate may stop a single armor-piercing .30-06, how will it stand up to a whole mess of .22? Well the guys over at the Wound Channel are clocking in to do the research in an unscientifical test.

Body armor comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes and types, with performance standards set by the NIJ and others. For example Level II, the most common soft body armor used in law enforcement is rated to (generally) stop most 9mm and .357 Magnum rounds (at least once).

The armor used in TWC’s test is your military-grade Level IV Enhanced Small Arms Protective Insert (ESAPI) plate– hard ceramic stuff meant to stop single penetrations of .30-06 armor-piercing (APM2) rounds.

But again, that’s single penetration (cue the Beavis laugh).

So with that being said, how many .22’s will it stop in a row?

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