Breaking in the Faxon ARAK-21 XRS on armor (VIDEO)

Down on the Demo Ranch, they have a groovy new ARAK-21 and a pile of SAPI plates. Do you see where this is going?

A multi-caliber system you can set up in either 7.62×39 or 5.56/300 BLK with quick-changing barrels/bolts that have multiple profiles, the ARAK-21 is a gas-piston platform that is pretty sweet. Its guts seem kinda AK, kinda AR and kinda HK all at once.

Matt and the D/R crew decide to clock in with a 5.56mm variant of the ARAK and chose to give a Level IV AR500 ceramic hard plate a workout.

Remember, “armor proof” is in the eye of the beholder– especially when they (spoiler alert) swap calibers out.

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