Unlucky criminals rob donut shop while off-duty officer is sitting outside (VIDEO)

A robbery of a Dallas donut shop Thursday morning didn’t really turn out as planned thanks to the combative owner, an off-duty officer who happened to be parked outside, and one empty cash register.

Two men, dressed in attire obviously ready to commit a crime, entered the Joy Donut Shop around 7:30 a.m. Each man attempted to take one of the two registers, which were bolted to the counter, but only one was successful… sort of.

The suspects made it out of the front door with one register, fighting the donut shop owner all the way. But what the suspects didn’t know was that an off-duty Dallas police officer – who was dressed in full uniform on his way to a side job – pulled up outside just moments before the suspects made their move. In fact, officer Christopher Berry watched the entire crime go down and when the suspects emerged from the shop, Berry made his counter-move.

Berry apprehended one of the suspects, 18-year-old Kristopher Jones, while the second suspect got away with the cash register. However, authorities recovered the cash register in a nearby field, which was likely dropped there when the suspect discovered it was empty.

[ The Dallas Morning News ]

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