Dust or be dusted: Clays shooter takes on three throwers aimed at his waist (VIDEO)

In a “don’t try this at home” exercise in busting clays, Brit shot-gunner Philip Thorrold stands still while three throwers aim at his goody bits and he tries to beat them to the punch.

Sure, Thorrold is a old pro and has over 46 years’ experience in what he does, but nobody wants to take a volley of clay pigeons to the man zone, especially when even the slowest throwers kick them out at 30 m.p.h..

And just to keep it interesting, he switches between modern OOU and semi-autos, then taps in a black-powder SXS to finish the round.

Because England.

One thing though, do you notice the cars parked just to the side of the throwers? Pepper much?

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