Man gets speeding ticket while rushing father to the ER during a heart attack (VIDEO)

A Lemont father and son are speaking out about receiving a speeding ticket from an Illinois State Trooper last month while the son was rushing his father – who was having a heart attack – to the hospital.

When Michael O’Neil, 30, saw the flashing lights in his rearview mirror he initially might have felt a sense of relief, thinking that the trooper would give him a police escort to the hospital, which was 20 minutes away. But instead, the officer issued O’Neil a $1,500 citation for doing 82 in a 55 mph zone.

Not only that, according to the two men, the officer said that O’Neil’s 60-year-old father, William, who previously had a heart attack in 2011, didn’t really appear to be having a heart attack. The officer did, however, call paramedics for the man, but proceeded to give O’Neil the speeding ticket as his father was being taken away in the ambulance and told him to “slow down next time.”

As it turned out, William was having a heart attack and, in fact, underwent heart surgery that morning for a blocked artery.

Still, the agency stands behind the trooper’s actions.

[ Chicago Sun-Times ]

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