Mom in tussle with HOA over tribute to military son

It’s a small white banner, measuring just 8 by 14 inches, with a red border and a small blue star in the center. It’s a tribute to one Pennsylvania mother’s military son and it’s that banner that has Donna Morey standing up against her homeowner’s association.

The banner, dubbed the “Blue Star Mom” banner, hangs in Morey’s upstairs bedroom window, where her son, Army Major Donald Morey, stays in between tours in the middle east. The banner has been hanging in the window for almost a year, but the homeowner’s association for the Tarrington Village neighborhood told Morey Monday it must come down, citing that the red border and blue star violate the HOA rules.

Apparently, per HOA rules, window treatments that can be seen from outside of the home must be either white or off-white, so the red border and the blue star on the banner are presenting a real problem for the neighborhood’s facade.

Morey, who said she displays the banner for not only her son, but all military members and their families, must seek permission from the Architecture Committee to display the banner, which was given to her years ago by a Vietnam veteran who narrowly escaped death. Morey, however, said she will do no such thing and has no plans to take down the banner.

[ Fox 29 ]

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