Sig's 'The Movement' joins competitors in raising silencer awareness (VIDEO)

Joining its competitors, Sig Sauer launched a marketing campaign Tuesday to promote not just its brand of silencers but also increase awareness about the process to buy the heavily regulated item.

Dubbed “The Movement,” the campaign parallels strategies like SilencerCo’s “Fight the Noise” project and the “Suppressors are Legal” campaign, and Advanced Armament’s “CanU.” Along with detailing the buying process, the effort discusses the historic roots of government-mandated regulations, offers support to redefine the item as a safety device and advocates further deregulation.

Such growing advocacy has contributed to the recent rise in silencer sales — a 39 percent jump from 2014 to 2015 — and a number of states to pass laws that decriminalize the use of a silencer while hunting. Currently the items are legal in 41 states.

Sig details “The Movement” on its website where it provides information in a usable, reader-friendly format and polished videos that discuss the science behind the technology as well as key talking points for the discussion about silencers.

“Our desire at Sig is to create the best silencers in the world, and have them be accessible and affordable to every customer,” said Kevin Brittingham, president of the Sig Sauer Silencer Division. “Sig is focusing not just on the technology, but also advancing legislation to make silencers more available.”

Sig’s new line of suppressors is both innovative and affordable, with features like a “tubeless” welded baffle models cutting costs and reducing complexity.

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