Slicing a 100 mph fastball with a sword is child's play for this guy (VIDEO)

No, he didn’t appear in “Kill Bill” Vol. 1 or 2, and as far as we know, he hasn’t been cast for Vol. 3, but Isao Machii beats Uma Thurman on sword fighting skills hands down, any day.

Here, Machii can be seen slicing a 100 mph fastball smooth in half. And it isn’t like he’s standing there, sword in hand, waiting and ready either. Nope, he goes from sheathed sword to half-cut fastball in a fraction of a second.

Machii, as it turns out, has cut quite a few things in half with a sword, at lightening-fast speed – like flying fruit, an arrow jolting through the air at just under 125 mph, even a BB – and, not surprising, Machaii holds a few world records, including using a sword to cut the fastest moving – 440 mph – tennis ball. So, at a mere 100 mph, the “fastball” was likely child’s play for Machii.

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