Victim's dad to killer in courtroom: 'You're dead'

An exchange in an Orange County, Florida, courtroom occurred Tuesday between a convicted killer and the victim’s father.

Bessman Okafor fatally shot 19-year-old Alex Zaldivar, a home invasion witness who was set to testify against Okafor, and while the defense was pushing to avoid the death penalty, friends and family of Zaldivar, including his father, Rafael, were for it. The jury, however, sided with Zaldivar’s family, voting 11-1 to put Okafor to death.

Then, as Zaldivar passed Okafor in the courtroom, he turned to his child’s killer, pointed and said, “You’re dead,” to which Okafor responded by cursing at the man and eventually being removed from the courtroom.

[ WJAX ]

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