Criminal promptly thrown back in jail after bragging on Facebook about his escape (VIDEO)

Posted by Jesse Cline on Monday, October 12, 2015

Justin Taulbee, who was facing charges for probation violation, robbery and resisting, escaped from a Breathitt County, Kentucky, jail Friday, and while authorities released surveillance video of him in hopes it would aid in his capture, it was Taulbee’s own actions, in the form of a video that was posted to Facebook, that led authorities to him.

The Facebook video, which shows a hyped-up Taulbee bragging about escaping from jail, was apparently posted to the social media site Monday by Taulbee’s friend, Jesse Cline. Taulbee was tagged in the post, as was… wait for it… the location. Authorities, who were already familiar with Cline, went to the location, where they found Taulbee lying in bed with his girlfriend.

Mere hours after the video was posted, Taulbee was back in jail. But even while being taken into custody, Taulbee still didn’t get it.

“He asked if someone had turned him in,” said Kentucky State Police Trooper Joe Veenemen. “The trooper advised the reason he was able to locate him was because of the video he had posted on Facebook. Once the trooper told him that he didn’t believe it.”

Taulbee now has another charge added to his rap sheet.

[ Local 8 ]

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