The mechanically interesting, but failed .276 Pedersen rifle (VIDEO)

Ian over at Forgotten Weapons brings us some mesmerizing slo-mo footage of the .276 Pedersen rifle doing its thing. Can you say sight obstruction?

The .276 caliber round of Mr. John Douglas Pedersen and the PB experimental rifle that fired it, known in the Army as the T1E3 rifle, was tested in the 1920s as a possible replacement for the vaunted but aging M1903 Springfield rifle and the Browning Automatic Rifle.

Although the 10-shot toggle-action semi-auto did well in testing, by the early 1930s big green decided to go with the Garand instead.

As Ian reports, the Luger-ish toggle action is so fast it doesn’t really bother the shooter– until it locks open on an empty chamber.

“It does a very good job of letting you know the rifle needs to be reloaded,” says Ian dryly.

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