The story behind Buffalo officer 'choking' man for no reason (VIDEO)

Authorities in Buffalo, New York, explained the little known details behind a video that is gaining attention after it was recently posted to social media.

The video shows a police officer on top of a man, placing his hands around the man’s face and neck as the two tussle. A woman recording the incident continuously curses and yells at the officer to get off of the man and leave him alone. She purports that the officer “can’t do that” and that the man has done nothing wrong.

What the woman apparently didn’t know was moments before she began filming the incident, the man tried to swallow 39 bags of crack cocaine, an amount that likely could have killed him. The officer was actually attempting to help the man by not letting him ingest the drugs, not harm him.

It’s a prime example of what Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently blamed, in part, for a rise in crime: the “YouTube effect.” It’s the fear felt by law enforcement that in such a high-tech world, police interactions are captured by video and dissected to inaccurately characterize what actually occurred, leaving the officer facing a world of negativity.

In the Buffalo case, the man eventually complied with police officers, and – with their help – was taken to the hospital, where he voluntarily threw up the drugs. That, however, was not captured on video, nor posted to social media.

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