Man makes portable DIY railgun in home workshop (VIDEOS)

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Man makes portable DIY railgun in home workshop (VIDEOS)

Man makes portable DIY railgun in home workshop (VIDEOS) (2)

Sure it looks kinda silly, but you know if you saw one on a gun show table for a good price, you’d think about it.

Beating the military to the punch, an Imgur user claims to have made a working man-packed railgun with the help of off the shelf components.

Imgur user NSA_Listbot, through some next-level CAD skills and 3D printing technology, designed and built the WXPR-1, what could be the first working civilian-owned railgun.

Best yet, he shared the tech behind it.

Man makes portable DIY railgun in home workshop (VIDEOS) (1)

Looks pretty simple…

Using a half dozen capacitors, an Arduino Uno R3, a 900psi injector system and a 12V LiPo battery ran through an inverter and a transformer, he creates something like looks like Colonial Marines would use to take on an alien.

Man makes portable DIY railgun in home workshop (VIDEOS) (2)

Ah, the spaghetti monster

How powerful is it? He claims that the gun applies deliver >1050V and 1.8kJ of energy to the projectiles which, barring an intervention from Bill Nye here, we take to be pretty decent for a hobby railgun.

Take a look at the beast in action below and cue “but we have to have bans on railgun technology” calls in 3…2…1

[ Imgur ]

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