Testicle-biting cop no longer with department

 Michael Flaig

Michael Flaig, 31.

Public drunkenness and a bar fight that leads to one man biting another in his balls has all the elements of a good story — one that will get you fired that is.

A Baltimore City man is no longer an Anne Arundel County police officer after he was charged for public intoxication and biting a man in the testicles during a fight outside a bar in May, officials told the Capital Gazette.

The now former officer, Michael Flaig got into the drunken fisticuffs outside of Looney’s Pub in Canton after a man told Flaig to stop groping the man’s female friend. The interaction escalated to the point where the man straddled Flaig’s upper body. And when Flaig clamped down on “the testicle area.”

Flaig, 31, was charged with second degree assault and an alcohol offense, according to charging documents. Flaig faced up to 10 years or $2,500 for the assault charge and 90 days or $100 for the alcohol charge.

[ Capital Gazette ]

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