Garand or M1903, which made the better WWII sniper rifle (VIDEO)

Paul Shull from Smithsonian Channel’s “The Weapon Hunter” works out with M1 Garand and M1903 Springfield sniper variants to see which was better.

While the 1903A4s with their big Unertl scopes were more widely used than the Garand 8-baller as far as dedicated sniper rifles during WWII (largely because the M1C wasn’t adopted until a month after D-Day and the M1D and MC52 came even later), the Garand had its moment in the sun in the last days of the War and a few years later in Korea.

In the end, either was a solid performer in the hands of a trained marksman when it came to “killing Nassies” or halting Chinese volunteers on the way to the 38th Parallel.

As for Shull’s skinny jeans and the pistol-length range, well, it is TV.

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