Deputies rescue family from violent, rutting buck (VIDEO)

Authorities in Pulaski County responded to a rather unusual 911 call Friday evening from a family who was being attacked by a deer outside of their Arkansas home.

“We need someone out here immediately,” David Baldwin told the 911 dispatcher, while gasping to catch his breath. “We have four people injured. We have a buck out here that’s got four people injured.”

Apparently, Baldwin’s mother was in her car when the animal trapped her and began attacking her car. Baldwin’s stepfather then came out of the house in an attempt to run off the deer, but instead of fleeing like most deer typically do when confronted by humans, the buck fought back, injuring the stepfather.

The deer pinned down the stepfather, and as the mother made a run for it, the deer attacked her too. Baldwin wrestled with the buck as well and was rolled over by the animal several times. Eventually all four people – Baldwin, his wife, mother and stepfather – were able to make it inside the home, but the buck remained outside.

When Pulaski County sheriff’s deputies arrived at the home, the deer came after them as well. Three shots later – two from a 12-gauge shotgun and one from a .40-caliber pistol – the animal was finally subdued. In the end, all four family members suffered injuries, which included puncture wounds and bruising.

“Antlers would be just like getting stuck with a knife,” said Captain Carl Minden. “Honestly, this family was lucky no one was fatally injured.”

Minden said the buck was apparently in rut, causing it to act more aggressively.

“You know, normally they would run off,” Minden said. “But in this situation, the deer charged and never let up. You have to be careful and expect the unexpected. Don’t approach the animal. And if you’re in that position, absolutely call 911. This was a true emergency, and that’s what we’re here for.”

The family said their neighbors took the deer and planned to use it for meat.

[ Fox 16 ]

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