Hickok45 goes for Hi-Point redemption with a 995 Carbine (VIDEO)

After having a hit and miss experience with a Hi-Point pistol a little while back, Tennessee woodman Hickok45 taps in a 995 TS Carbine to spend some time with.

While many turn their nose up at Hi-Point’s line of blowback Zamak pistols, their 995 Carbine, which has been around now for two decades, has a dedicated– almost cult- following. When first introduced, these handy pistol caliber rifles resembled the guns from Planet of the Apes but have since been updated to a degree to their TS series which comes slathered in a bunch of rails.

Heck, some states (*cough* Connecticut) have even banned the humble 995 as being too “assaulty.”

Aw lawd.

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