Want a jeep with a 30mm chain gun? Meet the Hellhound (VIDEO)

Northrop Grumman debuted their new Hellhound recon vehicle at the ASUA conference recently, and its everything your jeep is, but with the 30mm chain gun from the Apache on top.

This supped up 6.5-ton thrill ride has a host of selling points, the sweetest of which is the 30 mm ATK M230LF chain gun on a EOS Technologies R-400 remote weapon station that it carries instead of a luggage rack. This is a modified version of the classic hood ornament carried by the Army’s AH-64 Apache gunships for years.

Best yet, the cannon goes full-transformer mode and stows down inside the crew compartment to allow the Hellhound to cram inside a CH-47 helicopter (something the new Hummer replacement, the Oshkosh L-ATV, has problems doing).

So you can keep all your increasingly prevalent battlefield portables and cellys charged, the Hound also has 100 kVA of exportable power and a 120 kW Jenoptik starter genny.

You know you want one.

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