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“100 DEADLY SKILLS: The SEAL Operative’s Guide to Eluding Pursuers, Evading Capture, and Surviving Any Dangerous Situation” by Clint Emerson details how to survive in a multitude of dangerous situations.

Using his experience as a Navy SEAL and NSA operative, he explains how to survive scenarios that would make an ordinary man fold. Top deadly skills and a quick takeaway for the civilian include:

  • Use Improvised Body Armor: “Build expedient body armor using everyday items.”
  • Make a Newspaper Nail Bat “In a volatile, unsecured environment, even the most innocent of props can be cause for alarm.”
  • Deliver a Devastating Elbow Strike: “Cut and crush an adversary’s head with proper elbow strikes.”
  • Survive an Active Shooter: “Run, hide, and fight to survive lone-wolf and terror attacks.”
  • Create a Rappelling Harness: “Improvise a rappelling harness using a bedsheet.”
  • Defeat a Padlock: “Create a padlock shim from an aluminum can.”
  • Trick Fingerprint Scanning Software: “Accurately impression target fingerprints in order to gain access to target safes, phones, and other fingerprint-protected devices.”
  • Perform a J-Turn: “Quickly reverse the direction of travel on a narrow road.”

But there are scenarios you may not ever think about — and you know what they say, “It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.” Such as:

  • Construct a Rectal Concealment—Emerson explains how to turn a cigar case into an improvised ice pick and rectally conceal it in case of capture.
  • Make an Improvised Taser—How to turn a disposable camera into a Taser capable of delivering “380 volts of immobilizing Taser power.”
  • Clone a Key or Impression a Lock—Emerson somehow makes this sound much easier than it must be with detailed explanations and drawings.
  • Construct and Install a Pinhole Camera—This how-to includes how to make homemade plastic and may also increase a person’s base level of paranoia.
  • Use a Fishing Weight as an Improvised Sap—Again, no fancy high-tech gear, just a man with a fishing weight and a bandanna that together can break a coconut. is giving away five copies of “100 Deadly Skills.” To compete, just send us your best survival story. Does it have to be tactical espionage action? No. A simple day in the woods gone bad works, too. Whatever, the success, big or small, wants to hear about how a skill you developed as a gun owner and survival conscious individual was indispensable at some moment in your life.

To enter, send us 300 to 750 words about the situation, how you survived, and the tools you used to prevent a life ending (or life injuring) incident. Email the essay to with “Book Contest” in the subject line by Oct. 31.

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