Police nab 50 pounds of pot mailed to the wrong address

pot mailed to wrong address

A homeowner in Hazlet Township, New Jersey, felt a little uneasy when she received a large shipment that she was not expecting Tuesday. Going with her gut, she contacted authorities about the boxes, who searched them for some sort of packing slip to contact the intended recipient. But instead of finding a packing slip, police found 50 pounds of pot.

“Whoever packaged these definitely took quite a bit of time and energy to mask anything that was detectable,” Hazlet Detective Lt. Ted Wittke.

But while the packages made it through postal service screenings, it appears the sender forgot to double check the intended receiver’s mailing address. No worries, however, because the Hazlet Township Police Department noted on their Facebook page, “If you were expecting these packages and would like to claim them, please come to Police Headquarters.”

pot mailed to wrong address

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