Just going for a stroll with a suppressed UZI (VIDEO)

Every now and then Hickok45 takes a breather from gun reviews and gets inna woods to go clear the perimeter of Hickokville, and on his latest took a hushed-up UZI along just in case.

The Israeli-designed UZI is a classic open-bolt, blowback-operated SMG that cut its teeth in the IDF in the 1967 Six Day War. Although its been largely replaced in military service by 5.56mm carbines and is seen as old-school today, its still gets much love in both Class II select-fire and semi-auto versions.

Add a can to the end (in this case a Bowers suppressor) and you have a crowd-pleaser. Or a good companion for a very quiet uzi-does-it walk in the woods.

See what we did there?

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