Texas PD replaces little girl's stolen scooter

stolen scooterWhen a little girl named Lexi had her scooter stolen from a school in Round Rock, Texas, earlier this month, she was devastated, but the local police department stepped in to make her day a little brighter.

Ashley Fontaine filed a police report about her daughter’s stolen scooter on a Monday, and when she came home that Wednesday, Fontaine found a brand new scooter – complete with handlebar tassels and a bell – sitting on her doorstep, along with a lock and a note that read:

Hi! We were sorry to hear that your scooter disappeared! No little girl should be without her favorite outside toy though. Enjoy this one, we’ll help you keep it safe.

Your friends at the Round Rock Police Department

Fontaine immediately took to social media to express her gratitude toward the police department.

“This made my day!” Fontaine said, adding, “Lexi was over the moon.”

Round Rock Police Department note

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