'Walking Dead' fan beats to death friend he thinks is turning into zombie

Christopher Paquin

Christopher Paquin was not a zombie, but lost his life at the hands of his friend who believed he was.

A “Walking Dead” fanatic in Grants, New Mexico, who was in the middle of binge-watching all of the episodes on Netflix Thursday took the show way too serious when he believed his friend was turning into a zombie and beat him to death.

Damon Perry, 23, told police that he and Christopher Paquin, 23, had consumed a “large amount of alcohol” while watching the show, but things went downhill when Paquin began to bite him. Perry said he then started beating his friend first with his hands and feet, then a guitar and eventually a microwave. Perry, who blamed his behavior on his binge-watching “The Walking Dead,” was said to also be wielding two knives when he was found. Perry was arrested and charged with murder. Authorities did not say whether any bite marks were found on Perry.

Grants police spokesman Moses Marquez, who has been with the department for 15 years, said, “It was one of the absolute worst [crime scenes] I’ve ever seen.”

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