Teens just want to fight… until they're distracted by cop's epic dance moves (VIDEO)


A police officer who was trying to deescalate a confrontation between two groups of teens in the middle of a Washington, D.C., street Monday before it turned physical, pulled out an unusual tool to distract the teens: Her epic dance moves.

The officer first told the teens they needed to leave, but they didn’t comply. Then Aaliyah Taylor, one of the teens involved in the confrontation, perhaps thought she would show up the cop by challenging her to a dance-off, but Taylor had no idea what she was getting in to.

The officer agreed, under one condition: If Taylor won the dance-off, the officer would leave, but if the officer won, the teens had to go.

What happened next left the high school senior “speechless.” Taylor said she was shocked by the officer’s dance moves, but something else was happening during that two-minute dance-off as well.

“No one was worried about the argument anymore,” Taylor said. “The neighborhood was getting crowded…the attention was on us. Everyone was just looking at us.”

Following the dance-off, everyone simply went home, although Taylor admitted that she felt the competition was a tie.

“There are good cops and bad cops, and I don’t think all cops are bad, but I never thought I’d dance with a cop,” Taylor said. “I didn’t even know cops could be that fun.”

Taylor also said she had never seen the officer before that day, and doesn’t even know her name.

[ ABC News ]

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