Footage released from Waco Twin Peaks biker shooting (VIDEO)

Surveillance footage has leaked out from the gun play involving law enforcement and motorcycle club members at a Waco, Texas Twin Peaks restaurant in May that left 9 dead.

In the edited footage from multiple cameras, about 40 club members can be seen milling around and then taking cover as shots apparently ring out. Some can be seen to produce weapons in defense and at least one is seen firing a handgun at persons unknown. Twin Peaks waitresses, in their distinctive uniforms, are seen running through some scenes while law enforcement, who fired at least 12 of the no less than 44 rounds that day, are absent from the video.

As for how the footage surfaced, that is a point of contention with authorities.

The Waco Police is advising neither they nor the McLennan County District Attorney Office released the footage, which is still under a judge’s gag-order as evidence in the pending cases.

CNN has stated that “they” put the Waco Police Department graphic at the top of the video which indicated we released it. Again, we did not. They have now removed that graphic as the video is not attributed to us and CNN is in the process of updating their sites.

There is a small pool of individuals that include defense attorneys who had access to the information through discovery. The party responsible for providing the released video and photographs may be subject to ethical and legal issues for doing so.

Earlier this month it was reported that despite over 170 arrests made the day of the shooting, no motorcycle club members have been charged with murder, and all are out of jail.

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