'Trick-or-treating' teens unsuccessfully try to rob retired cop (VIDEO)

A couple handing out candy on Halloween night thought something was a little awry when four teens approached their home in Helena-West Helena, Arkansas. As it turned out, the teens weren’t there for any treats but rather were looking to rob the couple… until the homeowner fired a shot from his handgun, that is.

Ethel Griffin said the two of the teens were armed – one with a shotgun and one with a rifle – and demanded money when she answered the door. Little did they know that Ethel’s husband, Bruce, a retired police officer, had his own gun sitting beside him in a pocket of his recliner.

After Bruce fired a shot, which struck a wall, the teens all fled in different directions, dropping their weapons along the way. Authorities found the guns weren’t even loaded, but still say Bruce was well within his rights to fire at the teens.

[ Local Memphis ]

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