First responder suspended after attempting to help choking girl (VIDEO)

An EMT working in New York City has been suspended without pay after he got out of an ambulance to help a 7-year-old girl who was choking.

Qwasi Reid and his partner were flagged down last month by a frantic man at a school who told them there was a student who needed help because she was choking on her lunch. Reid’s partner told the man they already had a patient and could not do anything for him or the girl – who at that point had already turned blue – but Reid, who knew the young girl’s situation was more dire than the nursing home patient they were transporting, jumped out of the back of the ambulance to offer assistance to the child.

Unfortunately, the girl, Noelia Echavarria, never regained consciousness, has since been declared brain dead, and is currently on life support. Reid, who worked for the Assist Ambulance company, has since been suspended for attempting to help the girl because he violated the company’s policy by responding to a situation for which he did not receive a call.

Nonetheless, Reid said he doesn’t regret his decision to try to help the young girl, even if it does cost him his job.

[ Fox News ]

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