Lawmakers, watchdog scold TSA for airport security gaps

The Transportation Security Administration was admonished by lawmakers and federal watchdog Tuesday, who called the agency’s inability to detect most weapons smuggled through airport security “pitiful.”

“In looking at the number of times people got through with guns or bombs in these covert testing exercises it really was pathetic,” said Rep. Stephen Lynch, D-Mass., during a House Oversight hearing.

The comment comes several months after it was learned the TSA failed to detect 95 percent of weapons smuggled through airport security by undercover investigators.

There were 70 tests performed by the Department of Homeland Security at more than a dozen airports across the country and TSA agents failed 67 of them.

“While I cannot talk about the specifics in this setting, I am able to say that we conducted the audit with sufficient rigor … and that the test results were disappointing and troubling,” according to testimony given by DHS Inspector General John Roth.   

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