Errant hunter's bullet slays coffee pot (VIDEO)

A Washington state couple are lucky no one was hurt after a hunter's poor aim sent a bullet careening through their house. Watch more:

Posted by NBC News on Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A couple in Deer Park, Washington were shocked when a bullet fired by a nearby hunter zipped through their entire home but was stopped by their Keurig.

The coffee-seeking projectile entered through the wall of the home near the front door, sliced through a set of curtains, nipped the leg of a desk, made a brief stop as it penetrated through both sides of an interior sheet-rock wall, holed a jug of water on a shelf on the other side of said wall, ricocheted off the stove and assassinated their Keurig coffee maker where the spent round came to a stop and was recovered inside.

Other than household items, there were no injuries.

Home owner Jonah Elsom, who is a sportsman himself and says he sometimes has seen as many as 40 deer at a time in the field across from his home, told local media he doesn’t want hunters to stop pursing the sport, but he does think his recent incident is a good safety lesson.

“It’s scary to know somebody is not smart enough to not aim at a house,” he said.

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