I brake for nuclear warhead haulers. Sometimes (VIDEO)

Amateur video captured an apparent love tap between an Air Force security vehicle and an armored trailer that may or may not have had a nuclear warhead inside.

While the Department of Energy hauls around nukes in specially modified Peterbilt armored tractors that look just like your average 18-wheeler and are guarded by heavily armed Office of Secure Transportation (OST) couriers, the Air Force uses a big white trailer called (creatively) the Payload Transporter.

And, as reported by Jalopnik, a Montana man,  Paul Tedford, caught footage of a Payload Transporter convoy on the move near Malstrom Airforce Base– complete with a minor fender bender.

The Air Force advises there were no injuries and that, “The 341st Missile Wing Safety Office and Air Force Global Strike Command are reviewing the incident.”

And of course didn’t mention what, if anything, maybe potato salad, was in the tractor at the time.

In other atomic follies, the Army just announced they finished demilitarizing the last of 27 Lance surface to surface missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads found chilling out in igloos on Redstone Arsenal in Alabama. Sitting there for decades, the Army seems to have forgotten about them until they were found on base in 2014.

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