Oregon town may not have the hero it needs, but it has the one it deserves (VIDEO)

11/5/15 1:35 PM | by

Oregon town may have the hero it needs, but it has the one it deserves (VIDEO)

Part Daredevil, part Deadpool, part Zach Galifianakis, the red spandex-ed Guardian Shield patrols the mean streets of Beaverton on the lookout for crime.

And no, he’s not kidding. Equipped with a $1700 Kent Ballistic Shield as his superpower (as well as enough less lethal weapons to outfit a small town security guard company), the Guardian Shield takes to his neighborhood in the city of 90,000 each night on a mission to clean up the streets.

“I want to be taken seriously,” GS says through his Lone Ranger mask. He has prepared for his crusade for nine years.

Local residents like to see the ‘Shield at work according to the report from KPTV FOX 12 Oregon, stopping to take selfies with those he comes in contact with.

And seriously, you have to visit his Facebook page.

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