And the award for cheesiest self defense video goes to... (VIDEO)

After watching this clip from an upcoming self defense video currently in the crowd-sourcing stage, you will never question production values again.

The scene, drawn from “Gun Self Defense for Women, and for Men too” opens with a button down creeper played by an actor that looks like he ate Rob Riggle spying on a young mother of two with her kids in tow.

“Oh wow, shes got kids, that must mean shes got money. I’m gonna be rich,” squees the tree clinger.

Then, with a 3-inch folder from the made in china table he advances on said mom who proceeds to soak him with enough Oleoresin Capsicum (in a three take cutaway) to ensure everything he eats for the rest of the week tastes like spicy Cajun chicken from Popeye’s.

Then embiggened Rob Riggle flees, squealing like an over-excited fangirl at a Taylor Swift concert, and mom and Co. is played out by the Cool Cat, who apparently like to boogie.

And to let you know this is for real, Cool Cat has a gun safety video filmed with Vivica A. Fox and Erik Estrada that was direct to eBay.

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