Black man’s post about cops and CCW goes viral

It happened in Arizona, a gun friendly state. Steven Hildreth Jr. was pulled over by cops for a legitimate purpose: his headlight was broken. Steven wasn’t so short-sided to believe all cops are evil.  My guess is he didn’t think he was being targeted for driving while black. In fact, the cops probably couldn’t even see him before the traffic stop anyway since it was dark.

This upstanding pro-gun, pro-police and pro-military citizen just explained the facts as they occurred.

He was pulled over.

He complied with police.

He let cops know he had an OWB Safariland ALS holster filled with a Glock and a rather expensive and powerful Surefire weapon mounted light, the X300U.

The cops took the gun until the traffic stop was over and then gave it back. Now, that’s not always going to happen. Depending on the situation and the individual officer, cops may or may not take your gun temporarily. I’m not sure I would in that case, but then again, I’m not working on the border where there is a lot of drug running and cop-killing cartel members either.

Regardless, big kudos to Mr. Hildreth, a member of the military and a Second Amendment-loving American. He’s a lot like me in that regard. I was in the military and I love guns.

Look, this is just the kind of “news” America needs. We don’t need to hear more lies from bleeding heart liberals about the motivations of law enforcement and we don’t need to see more police videos that show absurdly rare events, which, when divorced from context, makes the public falsely believe that that’s the norm. And we definitely do not need media pundits and TV anchors giving statements they really don’t know anything about, which misinform and mislead the public about law enforcement.

This concealed carrier who became instantly famous after his posting about how Tucson cops stopped him, seems like a really squared-away guy, to borrow military jargon. Thanks for posting the positive.  As a cop, I can also appreciate him for obeying lawful orders of the police. Doing that won’t get you killed.

As you may know, I strongly believe those in the military should have guns on base.  This young man is a prime example of why that would work.

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