Cops steal items from cars to warn about theft (VIDEO)

Police in a Connecticut town are checking out parked cars and, if they find them unlocked, are picking up items inside for safekeeping as a warning.  Police advise they are simply caretakers of the items, which can be reclaimed by the owners.

As reported by WTNH, though, the new tactic from the New Haven Police may be setting themselves up for a lawsuit.

“What they’re doing here is in my judgment is unquestionably a 4th Amendment violation. They ought to get sued,” civil rights attorney John Williams said. “In effect what they’re doing is stealing these people’s property. They have no right to enter their car at all because just because the fact it’s not locked doesn’t mean it’s not your private property.”

So what if they go into your car to save your diamond necklace and they find a big fat doobie? Then what? Or, since its Connecticut which has a pretty strict “assault weapon” ban and they see a 30 round PMAG poking out from under the seat, what then?

Oh lawd.

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