Common sense and gun violence ends knife attack

When it comes to owning a gun in America and weighing the veracity and frequency of gun-related violence, there is something that comes to my mind: violence.

You may think that “violence” doesn’t make much sense, and in most contexts you would be right. But when it comes to self protection, it does and should make sense.

Responsible gun ownership for self defense means that while you and I may hate evil violence, it doesn’t mean that all violence is evil.

For instance, when a career criminal decided to break into a random apartment and eventually stab a woman, the “bad guy”—because he was bad, truly evil, in my opinion—was shot and killed by police. While violence is never good, sometimes mechanisms of death (a handgun in this case) can prove invaluable against a knife-wielding criminal intent on murdering someone.

In fact, according to the survivor and a news article, after the suspect punched and stabbed his victim, he grabbed her in a headlock and held her with a knife. I envision it was in a typical hostage style hold. The officer told him to drop the weapon three times. According to the victim, “Right when (the suspect) flexed, that’s when the officer shot, taking his life and saving mine.”

Frankly, guns are needed and cops should never be the only ones to have firearms. Citizens should arm and protect themselves. That’s the blessing of being an American and living in America.  The bottom line is violence is sometimes good and necessary in order to preserve life and liberty.

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