Murder suspects kills self as cops show up… to arrest someone else (VIDEO)

A 34-year-old man on the run from authorities for over a week apparently would have rather died than be taken into police custody and face the consequences for his actions. And while the medical examiner confirmed Llyod Wayne Franklin took his own life inside a Pennsylvania hotel room Saturday afternoon as police closed in, there was only one problem – the police weren’t there for Franklin and, in fact, had no idea that he was even there until after he shot himself.

Franklin was accused of murdering an elderly couple in their Thomasville, North Carolina, home late last month during a home invasion gone wrong. The homeowner, David Lee McSwain, 82, managed to shoot Franklin a single time before he and his wife, Joan, were killed. Franklin fled from the home with the couple’s gun, then picked up his girlfriend, Jennifer Michelle Lanning, and embarked on a crime spree, which included a string of robberies collecting loot in the form of prescription pain killers.

The tumultuous duo made their way to Pennsylvania, but somewhere along the way picked up a hitchhiker, who was later identified as James Miller. After the trio checked into a hotel room, local authorities got wind that Miller, who was wanted on an unrelated parole violation, was at the hotel.

A team of officers swarmed the hotel Saturday with the intent to arrest Miller, still completely unaware Miller’s compadres were the couple wanted for the North Carolina murders. After an exchange of gunfire, Lanning surrendered, while Franklin and Miller remained inside the hotel room. Following a two-hour standoff, Miller eventually surrendered as well. Authorities later found Franklin in the room, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Lanning and Miller remain in police custody.

[ Fox 8 ]

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