Homebuilder cranks out a DIY railgun that rockets projectiles at 27,000 joules


Once you hook up all the batteries and whatnot, the gun weighs 250-pounds.

In the latest installment in home-build railgun projects, a hobbyist spent two years building a 250-pound mobile railgun and testing it out against everything he could find.

Using 56 400-volt capacitors (!) to speed a projectile down its rails through electromagnetism, the gun produces a respectable 27,000 joules which translates into a flash of sparks as the aluminum projectile begins to melt due to the high speed and friction on its ride.

Then came the tests against car doors, a stack of ten china plates, a ceramic piggy bank (our soul-crushing favorite), and others


For the full run down on how to build as well as the test videos, head on over to the builder’s imgur chronicle before the NSA does.

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