Dash cam catches suspect ramming cop car head-on during chase (VIDEO)

An Oklahoma police officer’s dash cam captured the moments a woman in a stolen SUV rammed his patrol car during a pursuit in Sand Springs Friday afternoon.

After receiving a call about the stolen vehicle, authorities located the SUV, but the driver, who was later identified as Stacy Ann Bunsey, refused to pull over and led authorities on a chase through a residential area. At one point, Bunsey turned the vehicle around in an attempt to flee in the opposite direction, and Officer Matt Stacy tried to take the opportunity to set up a spike strip to stop her. However, the plan didn’t quite roll as expected.

“It was approximately three seconds after standing up outside his vehicle that the suspect rammed his patrol unit,” said Sand Springs Deputy Chief of Police Mike Carter. “When the officer saw that the suspect was coming at him, he abandoned the plan to retrieve the tire spikes and instead drew his weapon, not knowing of the suspect’s intention to hurt or kill him.”

Authorities were able to subdue Bunsey after she crashed into Stacy’s patrol car, but not without the use of a taser. Bunsey now faces four felonies, including assaulting a police officer, eluding a police officer, driving under the influence and possession of a stolen vehicle. Bunsey was also slapped with a fifth misdemeanor charge for resisting arrest.

Officer Stacy was treated and released at a local hospital for minor abrasions, but was otherwise uninjured despite his locale when Bunsey came at him head-on.

[ ABC News ]

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